ESC Local 20 represents a wide variety of licensed professional healthcare workers at public and private sector hospitals, 诊所, and other facilities throughout Northern California. Clinical Laboratory Scientists are the most numerous group of healthcare professionals represented by ESC Local 20. Other represented professions include Radiologic Technologists, 注册护士, 药剂师, 呼吸治疗师, 毒品和酒精顾问, 物理治疗师, 职业治疗师, 言语治疗师, 和精神病学家.

Professionals represented by these contracts are part of the Union’s 医学专家单位.


All of our healthcare professionals provide critical services to patients, and keep our communities safe and healthy. 使用bwin国际苹果手机版共同的声音, ESC本地20工作保护, 推进, and advocate for excellence in our professional practice and in our 工作条件.